Idaho’s scenic hiking

One of the first things I’m looking forward to after returning to the U.S. this spring is hiking in the Boise area. There are so many wonderful places to hike in the area, and the scenery is always amazing! You’ll always run into nice people in the foothills and come across plenty of friendly dogs enjoying the outdoors alongside their owners. If you ever find yourself bored on a weekend morning, grab some water, pack a lunch and head to any of the numerous trails around Boise. Not only will you get some quality exercise (especially via some of the steeper trails), but you’ll get to enjoy fresh air and some beautiful views!

The scenery around Lucky Peak is some of my favorite I’ve encountered so far, and I can’t wait to hike it again this spring.

Lucky Peak hiking

The hike was pretty exhausting, but it was entirely worth it for the views alone.

Lucky Peak hiking

Lucky Peak hiking

Lucky Peak hiking

The hike is pretty steep, but once you reach the top it’s incredibly satisfying to be greeted with the flag and a nice area to sit down and grab a bite to eat before the trip back down the hill.

Lucky Peak hike


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