Subscribing to a local newspaper

The best picture win of “Spotlight” at the Oscars has certainly increased the film’s exposure to new audiences. The film quickly rose to the number one spot on the iTunes ‘top movies’ chart which may have been expected to happen to any movie that wins big at the Oscars, however the win may be having an unforeseen effect as well.

It’s being suggested by many that the popularity of the film could be causing a rise in interest in print journalism at a time in which the medium most needs it. Most newspapers have seen their readership dwindle in recent years, especially as most people get up to the minute news on the internet and spend more time looking at their phones rather than spending time reading traditional newspapers and magazines.

The success of “Spotlight” could help revitalize the newspaper industry, at least that’s what many journalists and editors are hoping for. New York Times film critic, A. O. Scott asked Oscar viewers to support their local newspaper by subscribing to their print edition in honor of “Spotlight’s” best picture win.

I decided to follow Scott’s advice, and subscribe to the Idaho Statesman. I can’t say that I’ve ever read the paper, but I’m looking forward to reading the Statesman once I return to Boise. It will be nice to keep up to date on the happenings in and around Boise on a daily basis.

I usually prefer to consume all of my content digitally, as I download all of my movies and video games, stream my music and do all of my reading on my iPad. However, I also believe in supporting local businesses. I want to show my support for journalism in Boise, and I look forward to becoming familiar with the Statesman’s writers as I read their work.

I also decided to sign up for home delivery of the New York Times during the last day of the winter sale, taking advantage of the 50% discount. I’ve been subscribed to the iPad edition of the Times for quite awhile, and enjoy reading it, however it’s been years since I’ve sat down and read a paper newspaper so I figured I’d give it a try again, for old time’s sake. I also wanted to show my support for my favorite newspaper by becoming a print subscriber for the first time.


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