First Hawks game of the year

Hi there, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and I’m hoping to write about my life in Boise a little more often this summer. I just got back to Boise after spending three weeks visiting family on the east coast a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve had out here, even the heat!

Boise Hawks ticket

This past Sunday Vanessa and I went to our first Boise Hawks game of the season and had a great time! We’ve always sat in first base box seats, however for this game I held off on buying tickets until the night before the game as we weren’t sure whether or not some extra people would be tagging along. By the time I went to buy tickets the only seats left were first base reserved, which I had never sat in. Once we arrived to pick up our tickets we had heard that the only “seats” left were standing room only, so I was definitely glad we bought tickets when we did, even if we weren’t going to be getting our usual seats. Our seats ended up being way up near the back of the first base bleachers, but I actually liked the view. The only downside was the sun, which is always a factor when sitting on the first base side of the stadium. There was no blimp to block it this time (I assume they did away with that experiment), however for once I remembered to bring my hat and sunglasses so it wasn’t a big deal.

Boise Hawks first base reserved view

The game was quite exciting, which I didn’t quite expect going in after checking out the Hawks’ abysmal last place record. We got to see our first Hawks home run early in the game, some great Hawks pitching and many more Hawks runs as they finished the game with a 9-7 win!


Hawks game are a great form of family entertainment in Boise, and our two tickets cost us just $14! (before fees of course), much cheaper than seeing a movie. I can’t wait to go to many more games this summer. The only downside to the entire night was trying to leave the parking lot after the game. It was an absolute nightmare, with a gridlock of cars not even moving by the time we reached our car. We sat there for at least twenty minutes before people started to break off from the line of cars and zoom off in different directions forming new lines and more congestion. Next time we go to a game we’ll probably end up riding our bikes. The congestion probably won’t be as bad during future games (I definitely don’t remember it being as bad last year), and most of it was probably due to it being a holiday weekend with a near capacity crowd.



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