Boise Escape


This weekend I got to check out Boise Escape, one of Boise’s escape room game venues. They currently offer three different escape rooms, that vary in difficulty and theme. The one we ended up doing was called ‘Tick, Tock….Boom’ which gave us an hour to try to locate three bombs before they would explode, ending the game.

It’s hard to talk about the experience without being specific, which would ruin the fun of anyone who wanted to try their hand at the challenge. That’s one of the interesting things about escape rooms, especially for those going in for the first time, is that you don’t quite know what to expect. It’s interesting to see a group of people try to interpret the clues that lie in plain site, and there’s always a period of confusion and bewilderment before things start rolling in the right direction.


One of the most important things to keep in mind while attempting an escape room is the value of communication. It’s important to always think out loud, because even if you think you might be able to solve a puzzle on your own, you might not be looking at it from the right perspective. Furthermore, it helps the game runner to know whether you need a little nudge in a different direction. In the case of Boise Escape, you’re provided with an iPhone that you use to text the game runner for hints. They advise you to text them often, even if you don’t think you need help, it’s worth letting them know what you’re up to so that they can decide whether to encourage you (you’re headed in the right direction) or advise you to step back and rethink what you’re looking at.


Ultimately, we failed to solve locate and defuse the final bomb. When we finally felt like we were getting close to the end, we found out there were two more rooms standing in our way! Once our time was up and the remaining solutions were explained to us we realized it probably would’ve taken another hour just to get through it on our own.

Our time at Boise Escape was filled with fun from beginning to end, and I’d definitely do it again. The venue was clean and professional looking, and the staff were friendly throughout our time there.

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